On JustChunks you can experience various gamemodes. Currently, we are focused on our first two modes: Clashlands and Dungeon Explorer!

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A stylized Minecraft landscape
Two battling warriors


In the Clashlands it's all about PvP. Huge team battles, a sophisticated base building system and endless upgrade possibilities await you!

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A stylized Minecraft landscape
Two battling warriors

Dungeon Explorer

In Dungeon Explorer you fight your way from room to room, collect gear, upgrade your equipment endlessly and battle endless waves of enemies!

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What else is planned?

In the future we want to implement many additional concepts! We always try to make our gamemodes as unique and exciting as if there was only this single gamemode and it in itself has to have enough variation. Despite this, we want to encourage our players to explore our entire server network.


Another concept we're aiming to realize in the future is Journey. Here, you'll eventually be able to explore the boundless sky with your airship and collect resources to expand and decorate your own island.


We want our creative server to be something very special for all the creative minds out there. Here you will be able to give free rein to your creativity with lots of power and clever tools to create great things.


Our RPG server lies far in the future. It will differ from other RPGs in three main ways: More focus on building, a classless character system and incorporating time as a gameplay aspect.

More Minigames

We already have loads of ideas for completely new minigames made from scratch. If time allows we also want to implement those as soon as possible! Join our team and aid us in making them a reality!