Dungeon Explorer

In Dungeon Explorer you slaughter countless waves of mobs while exploring randomized endless dungeons. Collect upgradeable gear and climb the leaderboards!

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Explore the dungeon!

Pack your best equipment and dive into the endless dungeon. Fight your way from room to room and discover mops and gear.

Fight against mobs!

Defeat different monsters from Minecraft. Use your skills to clear as many rooms as possible to escape the dungeon alive.

Combine powerful buffs!

Use buffs to find your own way! You want to be a tanky warrior with a flaming sword? No problem!

Collect valuable loot!

Loot the cleared rooms. Find Knold, better swords, better armor and mysterious modification cores with which you become even stronger!

Upgrade your equipment!

Upgrade your equipment endlessly. Put the collected modification cores that fit your play style into your sword!

Climb the leaderboard!

Reach further into the dungeon than anybody else. Brag with your super powerful gear and your success at fighting monsters!


Start your Minecraft launcher, copy the server address, and experience Dungeon Explorer in all its glory!