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We highly value that JustChunks is a place for everyone. To ensure this, it is important that everybody follows a set of rules which you can read about here.

Terms and Conditions

General rules

No matter where you interact with the community these rules apply. Please follow them and use common sense when situations occur that aren't explicitly stated here.

1. Behave in a pleasant, friendly and sociable manner.

Treat all members with respect, express your thoughts in a constructive manner and show consideration for your fellow human beings.

2. Publish no private information.

Please do not send any private data about yourself or other users. This includes, for example, your address, full name, telephone number or other data that would reveal your real identity.

3. Use an appropriate avatar, skin and name.

Avoid special characters, emojis, obscenities, imitation of other users and things that would not be permitted as message content or are otherwise offensive.

4. Use the official support channels.

Do not write to individual team members if you actually mean the team. Of course, you can also mention the team members normally if you are simply talking to them.

5. Don't send spam messages.

Avoid sending an unnecessary amount of messages with the same or similar content or an excessive number of emotes, mentions or formatting.

6. Don't beg for ranks, items or other advantages.

Do not beg privately or publicly for other players to support you or give you resources. You can certainly ask nicely once, but repeated begging is not permitted.

7. No harassment, verbal abuse or bullying.

We do not tolerate insults, harassment, bullying or violence against other users in any form on our platforms. Treat others like you'd want to be treated.

8. No racism, sexism or other discriminatory messages.

We are an open-minded community and there is no room for the exclusion of individuals based on their ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation or other characteristics.

9. No politics, religion or drama.

Please do not discuss these topics in our community, as they often escalate into controversial and offensive discussions and JustChunks is not the right place for this.

10. No piracy and other illegal content.

It is not permitted to share or discuss illegal content. This includes, but is not limited to, software piracy and cheats/hacks.

11. No pornography, violence or other content harmful to minors.

No messages may be sent that contain pornographic content, content that glorifies violence or content that is otherwise harmful to minors.

12. Do not promote your own content without permission.

Unless you have explicit permission (e.g. through the Creator rank) to promote your own external content (e.g. YouTube channels, other servers, etc.), refrain from doing so.

13. Only promote your server content in designated locations.

To advertise your clan, stores, items or items that you would like to trade on the network, please only use the channels provided for this purpose (which can be created as required).

14. Do not exploit any errors or vulnerabilities.

If you find a new bug or vulnerability, that's fine as long as you report it to the support team. Repeated use of bugs under the guise of testing is not permitted.

15. Use common sense.

These guidelines are not comprehensive, and we will penalize the exploitation of loopholes that undermine the values of our community.

A stylized Minecraft landscape

Are you unsure?

Violating these rules may have consequences for your participation in our community. So try to memorize the rules when communicating with the community. If you are unsure whether something is allowed or how best to behave, please contact our support team at any time!

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