In the Clashlands it's all about PVP. Huge team battles, a sophisticated base building system and endless upgrade possibilities await you!

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Found a clan!

Unite with like-minded people to form a clan. As a clan you fight together, have your own island and can build a base together.

Collect resources!

Gather valuable materials by completing quests in a farm world and win coins in the arena and during conquest battles.

Build a base!

Build an impenetrable fortress on your clan island with robust walls and powerful defense systems!

Fight for victory!

Defend your base against enemy fire and use your siege weapons wisely to win in an exciting clan vs. clan battle!

Make upgrades!

Improve yourself and your clan with the rewards! More damage, more walls, more weapons, more power!

Climb the leaderboard!

Climb the seasonal leaderboard, brag about your success with exclusive cosmetics and immortalize yourself in our hall of fame!


Start your Minecraft launcher, copy the server address, and experience Clashlands in all its glory!