Game-Developers programm the Minecraft expansions (plugins, mods), improve the analysis, proxy and server software regarding performance, security, stability as well as more features and judge the practicability of new concepts.


What do we offer?

We think that teams should have each other's backs and be more than just work groups. Because of that we don't think that it's solely about what you can add to the project but also about what we can offer you.

Family-like, relaxed team atmosphere

Learn new techniques and new tools.

Work with innovative concepts

Versioning and CI/CD Workflow (DevOps)

Usage of the most modern techniques and paradigms

Team-Events (Gamescom, theme park, etc.)

Financial and technical security behind the project

Possibilities to make decisions

Flat hierarchies and contact on eye-level.

Independent scheduling of time

Quality Assurance and easy testing.

Mutual code reviews and feedback

Powerful library enables more efficient workflows

Extensive hardware resources

Team tools for collective agreements

More possibilities through our resource pack

What are our requirements?

We purposely avoid hard criteria like a minimum age or experience in certain fields. It's part of our team spirit to help each other and share knowledge. Therefore, you can also become part of our team with little experience as long as you have some soft-skills!

Team spirit

Creativity and logical thinking

Willingness to learn and innovate

Motivation and willingness to perform

Communication and a sense of responsibility

Perseverance and fascination

What are your tasks going to be?

In our team you can do various tasks that we collect in a board for you. You can decide on your own which tasks you want to do.

Develop prototypes for fast testing

Transform concepts into code

Expand existing systems by new features

Design playful cosmetics and effects

Test new features

Expand our extensive documentation

Our impressions

To give you a better impression of our work, we have selected some exemplary images of current projects for you. Of course, there is much more to discover on our server or here on the website!

Our Hub: From here you can venture everywhere, buy nice cosmetics and play micro games!

The clashlands spawn is the center of clashlands. From here you join the battle!

One of our dungeon rooms. Here one fights in various worlds against endless waves of mobs!

An example conquest map! The focus is on the gameplay here. Architecture comes second!

Our cosmetics can be configurable by the players in pleasant menus!

A key part of our clan wars are siege weapons. This canon is fully functional!

Through contentplate we can deploy balancing changes really quick!

We're running a self set-up Kubernetes cluster and our server fleets are automatically configured!

How does an application work here?

Each applicant is of course somewhat different and the process isn't exactly the same for everyone but here are five different steps that an applicant goes through.

First contact

No matter whether you contacted us or we contacted you the first contact is all about exchanging information to learn the interests of each other.

Talk on our Discord server

Every promising applicant is invited to a talk on our Discord server. Here we want to get to know each other and answer questions from both sides.

Waiting for a response

After the interview the team discusses whether you fit into the team and sends you a message. In every case we recommend you to think joining the team through thoroughly.

Trainee-time und first project

After you got accepted into the team you are assigned a first, little project. You can work on it alone or with another team member.

First Month Meeting

After one month we have another meeting. In this one you can talk about problems you faced, and we give you feedback. After that you are a fully-fledged team member!

Want to learn more about us first?

Here are some links where you can learn more about our project, our vision and our team. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us!

Who are we exactly?


What happened at JustChunks recently?


What is our conecpt? What do we want to implement?


What technology and tools do we use?


What else Minecraft-themed are we doing?


What else are our hobbies?


Interested? Apply now!

What are you waiting for? Message us on Discord. We are looking forward to you!